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Taehyung and jimin desperately search for lost family. A story where hoseok a forensic psychologist barges in on the life of one geokdal boss named min yoongi in order to save his best friend namjoon find his long lost childhood friend jungkook and save the mafia boss life from the hands of the people he once considered family.

Read My Lips Yoongi Yoonmin Piano Music

Or yoongi and hoseok starts working on a song together for the new album and as they spend some quality time alone working hoseok finds it hard to focus his mind too disturbed by wants and feelings he didn t even know he had.

Hoseok yoongi ao3. Just like that very first night jeongguk is more. Which for yoongi meant two years of people trying to use you and marriage proposals which he didn t want. When they tour the states the run into jungkook unexpectedly opening up old wounds.

Though he was different hoseok never seemed to have an ulterior motive and truly acted as if he just wanted to be friends. His rosy pink cheeks the mole beneath his bottom lip. Yoongi was at an all time low having no friends and not being able to freely express himself until he met hoseok.

They don t know each other hoseok doesn t even know yoongi is famous but hoseok gets hired by yoongi s friend to feed yoongi s cat and they start messaging with the excuse of updates on the kitty. Jungkook is scouted by an agency to become a solo act. Namjoon and seokjin dream of building a better world from their golden cage.

Yoongi finds the bottomyoongi tag on ao3 and is taken by surprise when he likes what he reads fearing the members will find out he opts on reading them in english but he isn t so careful as he thinks he is. He sees jeongguk clearly his dark curls the lines of his face the pretty lashes that frame his eyes. Hoseok is a dancer that lives in the same building.

Hoseok runs an underground radio program. Meanwhile yoongi and his friends form a 6 members idol group and become a sensation in south korea. An archive of our own a project of the organization for transformative works jung hoseok j hope min yoongi suga works archive of our own main content.

And yoongi and jungkook are just trying to survive. Yoongi opens his eyes and he can hardly see through his tears but somehow jeongguk is a stark contrast in the dim light of the room. After yoongi and hoseok meet their lives are suddenly flipped around as they instantly become attracted to each other they learn to fall in love again with little help from and special thanks and to six year old jimin.

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