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Use the clamp on the flexible cable s end for extended reach that other model of pliers cannot reach. You don t have to wrangle with small parts and worry about damaging adjacent parts in the process.

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In stock on october 16 2020.

Hose clamp cable pliers. Ares 71100 flexible hose clamp plier 24 inch heavy duty cable flexes for use in any position works on 18mm 54mm hose clamps. 4 4 out of 5 stars 33. It opens and close hose clamps quickly and effectively the hose clamp pliers are made in a way that they won t harm the hose or clamps.

Easily remove both plastic and metal hose clamps including those that are self tightening and gain access to the parts of your car you need to repair. Get it as soon as wed oct 14. For both you should follow the basic guidance below.

From orion motor tech comes this 9 piece set of hose clamp pliers. Hence you can use them once again. With a long 24 inch heavy duty cable ares 71100 flexible hose clamp pliers is designed to have an extended reach where other non cabled pliers cannot get to.

These are designed to securely fasten to the outer edges of the hose clamp at the end of the flexible cable. These cable operated pliers did the trick. 24 cable type flexible hose clamp pliers with flexible wire shaft fuel oil water hose tool high quality alloy steel forging durable galvanized to resist embroidery corrosion resistance black 4 1 out of 5 stars 91.

The best hose clamp pliers for cars and trucks make removal of hose clamps quick and painless. 9 pc hose clamp pliers incl. These pliers can be locked keeping your hands free and making your job a lot easier and faster.

Orion motor tech 9 piece hose clamp plier set. Flexible wire long reach hose clamp clic r type swivel jaw and flat band pliers for fuel oil and water hose work automotive hose repair tools kit. 24 flexible hose clamp pliers locking tool fuel oil water 2ft long reach.

The second is the straight forward hose clamp pliers which work in the same way without the reach or flexibility. The knipex 85 51 250 a hose clamp pliers have a unique design that is perfectly fit for standard spring wire hose clamps that are up to 70 mm nominal size. The space between the engine and the wiper housing was so narrow i couldn t reach the clamps with conventional pliers.

The first being the flexible cable hose clamp pliers. This means that the piece allows you to remove plastic or metal self tightening hose clamps that are deeply hidden inside the hood. The yoursme wire hose clamp pliers 9pcs tools weighs 7 1 pounds and measures 15 6 x 9 8 x 2 6 inches.

These pliers helped me accomplish what at first appeared to be an almost impossible job removing the hose clamps from the heater core nipples of a 96 grand voyager. Orion s set has a higher amazon customer rating than the betooll. Free shipping by amazon.

Free shipping by amazon. 4 5 out of 5 stars 204.

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