Lee Valley Garden Hose Extension

Hoses & Accessories from Lee Valley Tools (Hose Kink Eliminator,. Spray Guns, Hozelock Picoâ„¢ Reel, Flexzilla® Swivel-Grip Garden Hose, Electronic Water Timers,. Lifetime Hose, Watering Sets & Coil-Up Hoses, Faucet Extension Hose, .
This portable water valve on a 20" stand lets you put your water outlet anywhere you want it in your garden. It can be attached to any length of garden hose and .
Before I discovered this handy hose-end sprayer from Lee Valley Tools, I was. store many years ago when I began experimenting with season extension.
I got the Y-connector with the 2 outlets today and it's more than twice as much as the cheap ones, at $23+, but it's worth it. It's Lee Valley .
Lee Valley Stainless-Steel Hose Hanger – Gardening.. Also great for extension cordsConstructed from solid steel rod with smooth baked black plastic coating, .

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